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Why Travel With Global Travel & Tours?

When planning a vacation, there are certain things you will want to know about   the company you choose to travel with. Are they experienced? Are they financially secured? Do they provide good value for your money? We are proud to say that Global Travel & Tours has been in business for an over 10 years all that time creating memorable vacations for hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

The Company
Global Travel & Tours offers an unrivalled, exclusive personal service. Having complete confidence that everything will go according to plan is so important when you are booking something as important as a holiday. We offer such a level of reliability that you will be able to totally relax.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated and experienced staff. Each has an excellent firsthand knowledge of the destinations they cover and so can advise what is best for you. Equally, they will be totally honest and impartial if they don't think a holiday is right for you.

Every itinerary - where you want to go, when, what you want to do and how long for- is tailor made for you. We can also book all the little extras such as a table at the best restaurant.

Take the hassle factor away
A bespoke holiday is never as easy to book as it first appears. It can mean a complicated itinerary with many transfers and different hotels to be booked. Let us do the work - make the calls, speak the foreign languages, ask and most probably get that special room or seat on the plane. You can set off with the complete confidence that there will be somebody there waiting for you at airport, that you will have got a good guide to show you the sights and there is somebody you can call should you want to change your plans or even if you have an issue with a hotel room. Whatever it might be, we are here to help you plan your holiday so you can relax and enjoy it.

We customize your holiday to your budget. Our excellent relationships with airlines and hotels mean that our holidays are competitively priced and often cheaper than they would be if you booked yourself.

Financial protection and peace of mind
In the unlikely possibility of something going wrong when you travel with Global Travel, we guarantee compensation up to the full cost of your tour. We are fully licensed by the Cambodia Ministry of Tourism for Tourism (CMOT) as an International Tour Operator. Our International Tour Operator Licenced number is 279/2007/K/T-GBLK.
The terms of our licenced require us to place a substantial cash bond in a secure account. The account has two signatories Global Travel and CMOT.

The money in the account is solely for compensating clients - CMOT will not allow us to withdraw money for any other purpose. If compensation has to be paid to a client, we are obliged to top up the bond to its original level immediately. Think carefully before you book elsewhere. For example, if you book your flights on the internet and the hotel directly you will most probably not be protected and could find yourself stranded a long way from home.

Holidays tailored to suit you
Our team of travel consultants will be happy to arrange a full quote for all your holiday requirements. Remember, we're specialists in bespoke travel so let your imagination conjure up the combination of destinations, resorts, hotels and tours that most appeals to you. We'll then use our expert knowledge to prepare an itinerary that matches your wish list.